An Integrated Approach to Instructional Planning
  • How can we increase a more comprehensive integrated approach to instruction and learning across all content areas?

As you review the grade specific ASPIRE Curriculum Maps for ELA and Math standards, use the Integrated Planning Discussion Template to begin your exploration and planning for integrating ELA, Math within your Core Content Area. Consider what you already do to integrate ELA and Math standards and work to expand your connections to ELA and Math content standards throughout your lesson plans. Identify intended learning outcomes and assessment strategies that you will use to monitor student progress.

ELA/Math Integrated Planning Discussion Template

ELA/Math Convergence Venn Diagram

Explanation of Venn Diagram Acquired from Stanford Univ.

Use the ASPIRE Curriculum Framework Guides, Literacy Connect, and Task Perform documents to assist you with the planning process. HBGSD ASPIRE Curriculum

ELA (RWSL) CCSS Across Content
Other useful Common Core resources to support integration of ELA across content areas.

Create Common Core Rubrics for ELA (RWSL)

Math CCSS Across Content

Science and the CCSS

Social Studies/History and the CCSS

Career and Technical Crosswalks to CCSS

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